Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Book Presentation – Estoril Los Años Dorados

Our dear friend Ricardo Mateos Saínz de Medrano, the noted and celebrated Spanish biographer, has presented in Barcelona his latest book, Estoril – Los Años Dorados.

The book covers the post-war years from 1946-1969 when the beautiful seaside resort of Estoril became home to many of Europe's exiled royals, from King Carol II of Romania to Archduke Josef of Austria.

The book, available only in Spanish, is a true jewel. The official presentation of the book was attended by HRH the Duke of Bragança, who flew in from Portugal to join in the festivities.

Someone ought to let me translate this beautiful work of royal history! escuchas...

At center, HRH the Duke of Bragança and Ricardo Mateos Saínz de Medrano.

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