Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Book Review: Jubilee 2012. Celebrations and Tours

“Jubilee 2012. Celebrations and Tours”.  Ingrid Seward, Joe Little and others. Published by Rex Publications/Majesty magazine. 204 pages with coloured illustrations on every page.

“Memories of this year’s happy events will brighten our lives for years to come,” said the Queen in a televised message, and as the Diamond Jubilee year comes to a close what better way to mark it than with this lovely book.
‘Majesty’ editors Ingrid Seward and Joe Little, together with royal press correspondents Lynne Bell, Richard Palmer and Camilla Tominey, have compiled a month by month account of all the festivities at home and abroad during this historic year. The focus is very much on the Queen, starting with the low key events marking her accession day in February, through all the tours around the country and, of course, the actual Jubilee weekend itself, from the pouring rain of the river pageant, through to the lively concert at the palace and the pathos of Her Majesty alone at St Paul’s when the Duke of Edinburgh was hospitalised with an infection.  Other members of the family are not forgotten either. Who could forget Prince Harry’s exuberant tour of Jamaica; or the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s triumphant Asia-Pacific visit; Charles and Camilla’s  trip  to Scandinavia; or the Queen’s historic visit to Ireland.
Beautifully written and lavishly illustrated, this is the perfect souvenir of an historic year for the Queen and the British royal family.  A ‘must have’ for all royal watchers.

Coryne Hall 

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